Inside Keyenberg: Hope for our Home

The project „Inside Keyenberg“ is a project I've worked on between 2018 and 2020 along with  the other members of Climate Hub Hamburg and other volunteers. During the  Climate Reality Leadership Training in June 2018 we first heard the story of Norbert Winzen. He wasn't representing any organisation or institution, but himself and his family. He told us his story, how his entire life and livelihood are threatened by the expansion of RWE’s coal mine Garzweiler. We learned that tens of thousands of Germans have been forced to relocate in the past years, causing social bonds to break irreparably and lives to change, usually for the worse. Especially elders, who spent all their lives in their cherished hometowns, have been suffering from severe psychological stress and died shortly upon hearing the devastating news. Upon searching the web after Norbert’s speech, we didn’t find any media displaying the hardships of the town-citizens living near coal mines.

We were surprised to find out that hardly any media covered this issue. In fact, while Germany has been taking big steps forward in the generation of renewable energy and away from nuclear power in recent years, the coal industry has kept growing steadily, along with its CO2 emissions and, in addition, continues profiting from subsidies. So we decided to create our own awareness campaign by creating a series of short films that show the widely unknown dark side of the coal mining in Germany by using images that would move the audience emotionally, leveraging empathy. With these videos, we wanted to tell the story of the people who live in Keyenberg: a town that is undergoing relocation because of the expansion of the Garzweiler lignite mine. Some people have already left, while many others are still fighting. We want to help them save their home by spreading awareness and compelling people to take action. We want to give hope, engage the audience to act and empower them to act together for our future, focusing on three topics:


I worked on each step of the video production: writing, interviews, video making, editing, distribution... and of course photography and writing. Below, you can find my photos of the project, the videos, and links to the articles I wrote about our campaign and our experience.

For more details, please also visit the project page on the Climate Hub Hamburg website.

The Videos


Episode 2 - Social (in)Justice

Episode 1 - Nature

Episode 3 - Health

The Articles