A year of readings

In 2018 Hafenlesung moved from its historic harbour-view location,  right in front of Fischmarkt, to the very heart of Hamburg. It was a pleasure to shoot the readings at Nachtasyl, with its warm lights and great stage for the authors. And of course to work with the amazing Found in Translation collective.

Hafenlesung 14

Daniel Falb (DE)

Danae Sioziou (GR)

Dinçer Güçyeter (DE/TR)

Rudi Nuss (DE)

Ina Bruchlos (DE)

Sergio Raimondi (AR)

AJAR collective (FR)

Hafenlesung 15

Steffen Popp (DE)

Jaromír Typlt (CZ)

Melitta L. Roth (RUS-DE)

Aref Hamza (SYR)

Babet Mader (DE)

Avi Bolotinsky & Ivana Sokola (ISR-DE)

Hafenlesung 16

Claus Günther (DE)

Anja Golob (SI)

Pia Tafdrup (DK)

Frank Witzel (DE)

Charlotte Warsen (DE)

Lisa Jeschke (DE)

William Cody Maher (US)

Hafenlesung 17

Jörg Albrecht (DE)

Mette Moestrup (DK)

Fady Jomar (SYR) und Lynn Musiol (DE)

Terry McDonagh (DE/TK)

Aljaž Koprivnikar (SI)

Antonio Ortuño (MX)