Failure of Imagination - The Warmest Place on Earth
Photography · 11. November 2022
In the last few years, I perfected a travelling schedule to make the most out of the weather and minimise flying. This year I followed my schedule, going south at the end of May and August, but the weather did not. This year I didn’t escape gloomy skies for southern bliss but unusual northern sunshine for sweltering Mediterranean heat.

Marseille & Provence
Photography · 03. November 2022
It's strange a strange thing to feel right at home where you don't understand the language.

Italian Summer - Part 2
Photography · 18. October 2022
Some analog moments.

Italian Summer - Part 1

La Isla
Photography · 07. August 2022
Plenty of people who land in Tenerife, seem unable to leave. I can definitely see how that might be.

Blueberries and Steel
Photography · 03. October 2021
Soon there is going to be a bit more of one of my besties around this planet and I'm quite excited to meet them.

Photography · 05. July 2021
Oh, my sweet summer child...

Surfing in Time
Photography · 22. May 2021
And also several waves of the pandemic.

The Darkest Night
Personal · 21. December 2020
Which means, days are going to be brighter and longer.

Photography · 23. November 2020
Travel photos from before the pandemic. Still to exhibiting at Damettto Nudeln.

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