The Warmest place on Earth

Since I started documenting my travels in 2010 I witnessed the effects of climate change in every place I visited. When I was exchange student at the University of Sydney my Economics of Minerals class went on a field trip to the coal mines of Hunter Valley, NSW.  That was the first time I faced the consequences of human activities on the environment, and I could never stop seeing it everywhere. This experience didn't affect only my photography but my entire lifestyle: what I eat, what I believe, my career choices.


This series is not only cautionary tale against the risks of climate change but also a celebration of the beauty of these places as they are, as they change, and as they will be.


In a way, it is a celebration the beauty of the change itself.


Yucatán Peninsula, 2017

Since 2015 Caribbean beaches are suffering from a Sargassum outbreak. The algae have started washing up in large quantities, causing hassles for tourism and occasionally intoxication due to decay fumes. The rise in sea temperatures is causing both large quantities of algae to detach from the sea bottom and the change in sea currents that causes the algae to land on the Caribbean shores. Fertiliser-rich wastewater is also suspected to be contributing to the outbreak.

The Draught

California, 2016

El Niño

Donostia-San Sebastián, December 2015

The Endless Rain Season

Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia 2011