The Darkest Night
Personal · 21. December 2020
Which means, days are going to be brighter and longer.

Personal · 07. November 2020
Lockdown part 2 has started.

Personal · 29. September 2020
Yes, this is a digital holiday slideshow.

Personal · 18. May 2020
Yeah, it sucks.

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Personal · 30. March 2017
Sometimes all you need is a little bit of sunshine!

Personal · 05. March 2017
Weirdly enough, I have never taken photos of you. I have photos taken while waiting for you, wandering around your beautiful city, with those mountains that you loved so much in the background. I have photos taken while standing next to you on a rainy, when you told me how different poses of equestrian statues hold different meanings. The meanings, I forgot. I remember the time you told me how weird it was that I never photographed you, and that I should. I remember, every time we met again...

Personal · 14. February 2017
In the Winter of 2012 I was starting to write my Master's thesis and studying for the last few exams. In hindsight, I should have focused on the exams first, but at the time I was really excited to finally combine Economics and Environmentalism and my mind was skipping ahead. Then, to make it even harder for me to focus a three-week snowfall came along. I was still living in the Italian countryside with my parents and the first snow blocked the gate and it was two days before we shovelled away...