Photography · 23. November 2020
Travel photos from before the pandemic. Still to exhibiting at Damettto Nudeln.

Photography · 18. August 2020
The readings are back, at a safe distance.

Photography · 14. July 2020
When life gives you a global pandemic... introducing virtual portrait sessions.

Photography · 19. April 2020
Before our collective lives turned into dystopian nightmares, I was lucky enough to sneak in a last short trip abroad.

Photography · 14. December 2019
The last Hafen Lesung of 2019

Photography · 28. November 2019
A special instalment of Hafenlesung in collaboration with the Berliner Künstlerprogram of the DAAD to bring to Hamburg a selection of its international award-winning 2019 resident writers.

Photography · 05. November 2019
Impressions from a long weekend in Dublin & Kilkenny.

Photography · 22. October 2019
Impressions from the 20th edition of Hafen Lesung.

Photography · 19. October 2019
The things we do in the jungle.

Photography · 12. October 2019
Impressions from Colombia's colonial cobblestones.

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