Photography · 22. October 2019
Impressions from the 20th edition of Hafen Lesung.

Photography · 19. October 2019
The things we do in the jungle.

Photography · 12. October 2019
Impressions from Colombia's colonial cobblestones.

Photography · 05. October 2019
Some views from 1300 to 4600 m above sea level.

Photography · 23. April 2019
Always wanted to join a book club but never knew where to find one?

Photography · 22. April 2019
In our daily urban lives is very easy to forget how our entire existence is linked to our climate, and how every drop of rain of ray of sunshine are part of a complex system of interconnected phenomena. And there is nothing like a short trip to the untamed nature to remind ourselves how fragile our perceived greatness is. Regardless of how accessible travelling has become and how many films and tv shows feature them, it remains extremely humbling to stand in front of landscapes that existed...

Photography · 08. April 2019
A quick trip around Iceland through the eyes of my travel companion.

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