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Personal · 07. November 2020
Lockdown part 2 has started.

Photography · 04. January 2018
It had been two years since I've been with my family over the holidays. It was my choice, I felt like needed a break from the drama and the pressure of having to visit and please everybody in a short time. And yet this time I wanted to be there, at least for a few days. I suppose that the universe decided to reward me with one lovely sunset on Christmas Eve.

Photography · 02. November 2017
Or maybe just pure eye-candy.

Photography · 23. October 2017
Summer is over and Hafenlesung is back!

Photography · 25. September 2017
Brief history of an avoided catastrophe.

Photography · 21. August 2017
It will take a while for my trip to Mexico to fully sink in. In the meantime, I would like to start by celebrating the wonderful, fun, intelligent, and beautiful women I was with.

Photography · 21. June 2017
Worth the sweat.

Photography · 21. June 2017
The hottest reading of the year.

Photography · 12. June 2017
Found in Translation is an international writer's collective from Hamburg. They organise, among other things, the Hafenlesung series.

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Personal · 30. March 2017
Sometimes all you need is a little bit of sunshine!

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