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Blueberries and Steel
Photography · 03. October 2021
Soon there is going to be a bit more of one of my besties around this planet and I'm quite excited to meet them.

Photography · 23. November 2020
Travel photos from before the pandemic. Still to exhibiting at Damettto Nudeln.

Personal · 07. November 2020
Lockdown part 2 has started.

Personal · 18. May 2020
Yeah, it sucks.

Photography · 14. December 2019
The last Hafen Lesung of 2019

Photography · 23. April 2019
Always wanted to join a book club but never knew where to find one?

Photography · 10. March 2018
Short story about two weekends in the North.

Photography · 23. October 2017
Summer is over and Hafenlesung is back!

29. July 2017
A rare event, to be occasionally spotted any random day between May and September.

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