Digital Marketing & Fundraising

digital marketing,fundraising,google ads,facebook,instagram,social media,marketing,content,calendar,strategy

Nonprofits, CSR departments, social businesses, and social enterprises have different goals compared to regular businesses. They don’t (only) want to sell products or services, but also to find new donors, volunteers, or simply raise awareness to their cause. They want private citizens and journalists to find out what they’re doing to make the world a better place. And they want them to talk about it, donate, take action.


The key to reaching this goal is to combine up-to-date Social Media & Content Marketing practices with storytelling to help you achieve the impact you want. Technology and data-driven insights are fundamental, but the backbone of a successful marketing campaign, whether digital or not, is your story. I can help you make the most out of your resources by using all the tools technology offers to help you reach out to your desired audience and engage them with your organisation and your work.

digital marketing,fundraising,google ads,facebook,instagram,social media,marketing,content,calendar,strategy

Digital Marketing

Whether you already have an online presence or not, I can help you figure out the most effective way to reach your goal. This means finding your target audience and the best channel(s) to reach them.  Facebook? Instagram? Google Ads? It's hard to choose! And once you know where your audience is, you can develop the right content and campaigns to increase your impact and your audience. Finally,  you need to keep track of the results and see what worked and what not. Then repeat. Do you need help with that?

digital marketing,fundraising,google ads,facebook,instagram,social media,marketing,content,calendar,strategy

Content Creation

Choosing the right image or phrase can make all the difference. All the content you publish or send is part of a bigger mechanism, and needs to be curated and developed as such. Once again, combining storytelling, SEO practices and other digital marketing tools is necessary to make sure that every single link a donor clicks on, shows only the best of what you have to offer. Everybody is online these days and to make a difference you need to stand out in the crowd and create content that your audience cares about.

digital marketing,fundraising,google ads,facebook,instagram,social media,marketing,content,calendar,strategy

Inclusive Strategy

All the aspects of your communication strategy , including everything you do online, must be bound to your core message and integrated in the strategy of your organisation or business. Even if my areas of specialisation don't quite cover all your communication needs I can still point you in the right direction in terms of strategy and implementation. I can help you figure out the help you need and make sure all the pieces come together, and that your core message doesn't get lost.

  • Creation and management of long term followers acquisition campaigns
  • Management and evaluation of short term promotions and campaigns
  • KPI analysis
  • Blog posts, articles for website and online magazines, press releases
  • Copy for web pages and digital ads
  • Ebooks, flyers, reports on your organisation's activities
  • Photography and visual content
  • Content calendars
  • Keep you up to date with all the tools and the results of your campaigns
  • Helping you coordinate the communication needs with the other activities of your organisation
  • Integrate landing pages, blog posts, social media content