Meidän elämä on aina vaihtunut

In the Winter of 2012 I was starting to write my Master's thesis and studying for the last few exams. In hindsight, I should have focused on the exams first, but at the time I was really excited to finally combine Economics and Environmentalism and my mind was skipping ahead. Then, to make it even harder for me to focus a three-week snowfall came along. I was still living in the Italian countryside with my parents and the first snow blocked the gate and it was two days before we shovelled away enough for our cars to reach the little gravel road that lead to the main street. I was worried that if it snowed again in the next few days I wouldn't be able to drive to the University and give my exams so I decided to stay with a friend who lived nearby the faculty for a couple of days. It kept on snowing. The University decided to close down for a week, then another. And it kept on snowing. I was stranded in at my friend's house for about two weeks. This photo was taken from her room.