The Hopeful Romantics

Even before 2020 fell upon us with lockdowns and social distancing, we were spending considerable amounts of our lives online.


Whether we were looking for a holiday fling, a one night stand, or true love, we have all tried to find kindred spirits on the apps. We all have seen some cringe-worthy profiles and had horribly awkward encounters. We all have hesitated, smartphone in hand, not knowing which photos to upload, what to write on our profiles, how to start a conversation.


My goal is to make it all easier by taking the right photo(s) and help setting up your profile and get what you want. Even if it's not romance! In fact, as long as everyone is of age and on board with it, you should alway be able to get what you want and not be shamed for it. Honesty and respect are the magic ingredients for a successful dating experience... or any experience involving other humans, really.


This is not a place for pickup artists or where you will find cheat-codes to get people to sleep with you. This is a place where you work on presenting your best self in order to attract the right people in the right way. 


All folx are welcome!

Step 1 - Profile Photos

Have you have been swiping for match, and noticed that all the profile pics out there look just like stock photos? Have you ever struggled to find a photo in your archive that screams "this is me!", and that is also not another mirror selfie? (Let's be real: the group photo taken from your cousin's wedding in 2014 is no good either).


I can help with that! Let's take a high-quality portrait (or two) that shows your authentic self from you best angle. Before we meet, we'll have a phone call to discuss location, outfit, props... and so you can tell me a little about  you :)

Step 2 - The Profile

You have the photo. Now what? Let's start from the basics: which app works best for you? What kind of encounters and people are you looking for? What should they know before they swipe right? Let's sit down and talk about what you should write... and what you definitely shouldn't!

Step 3 - Time to get out there!

Now that you're all set is time to see if you can finally find what you were looking for... and if it doesn't work, I will take you on a platonic date listen to your sorrows for one hour!


Profile Photos

€ 250,00 + MwSt.


  • First get-to-know-you call
  • 30 Mins photo shoot + Editing
  • Up to 3 final photos

Profile Consultation

€ 250 + MwSt.


  • First get-to-know-you call
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Final "proofreading"

The Whole Package

€ 400 + MwSt.


  • First get-to-know-you call
  • Profile Photos
  • Profile Consultation