Translation & Localisation


Converting an article or instructions from one language or another is not only a matter of conveying the message clearly. In some cases, it's crucial to make people really care about what they read and speak to their hearts. In other cases, some expression or habits simply do not translate into other languages and cultures. The British have tea time, the Italians have aperitivo. North Americans have Halloween, Mexicans have dia de los muertos.


Having great products, projects, and content is a great start. Now let's deliver them to the people you want to reach.

Translation & Localisation

I'm specialised in websites, app strings, emails, newsletters, landing pages, and articles. I have experience with topics related to digital marketing and tech, socioeconomic themes, current affairs, aid and international development.


Do you have an audio recording of an interview in a foreign language that you can no longer make sense of? Or did you shoot a great video and now you want subtitles? I can help you with that, and make sure none of the meaning gets lost.


My source languages (the languages I can translate from) are English, German, Italian, Spanish.


My target languages (the languages I can translate in) are English, and Italian.

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