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Marseille & Provence
Photography · 03. November 2022
It's strange a strange thing to feel right at home where you don't understand the language.

La Isla
Photography · 07. August 2022
Plenty of people who land in Tenerife, seem unable to leave. I can definitely see how that might be.

Photography · 23. November 2020
Travel photos from before the pandemic. Still to exhibiting at Damettto Nudeln.

Photography · 19. April 2020
Before our collective lives turned into dystopian nightmares, I was lucky enough to sneak in a last short trip abroad.

Photography · 12. October 2019
Impressions from Colombia's colonial cobblestones.

Photography · 16. July 2018
Etosha National Park is the single biggest wildlife conservation area of Namibia.

Photography · 02. July 2018
Many travellers disregard famous, crowded landmarks. In my opinion, is always worth finding out why they became landmarks in the first place.

Photography · 17. June 2018
In appreciation of the four-wheel drive.

Photography · 11. June 2018
An amazing trip with even better company.

Photography · 10. March 2018
Short story about two weekends in the North.

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