Spirited Away

A long time ago, somebody told me that Prague is an occult city, and while I can neither confirm nor deny that, I can say that it's certainly a spooky one. In an endearing, and only slightly intimidating way.


Prague is full of hip cafes and bars, as well as cobblestones and alleys. From the outside, tourist traps and great spots are almost indistinguishable. Strange decorations frame window and doors, often shimmering with golden details. Weird sculptures and pointy, dark rooftops emerge above the sea of tourists. Giant robot-babies crawl up and down the television tower. 


My friend and I spend the entire weekend spooking each other out imagining ghost-horses and demon babies, not thinking about the real life nightmare that we are all, each to some different extent, currently living. We had long walks, beer, and sparkling wine, and I hope we'll all be going back to doing that soon. Maybe with a little more appreciation for all the things we take for granted, and a little more compassion for each other.