Tropic of Capricorn

 I never thought I could end up travelling by accident. Yet, here we are.


My friend had planned this trip to Namibia for last year but ended up not going. She planned it again for this year but this time her travel companion had to cancel. So she asked me and her best friend to join her, and I found myself once again on the road with two wonderful people that I don't see very often. Besides what I learned during my one African History class at the University, I knew very little the country I was about to visit.


Namibia is a country of countless wonders, where the wilderness reigns and manifests itself in every conceivable way. Yellow and red sand dunes melt into canyons, mountain ranges, and the Atlantic Ocean. Wild animals roam freely, some roads are made of quartz and shimmer under the sun, the stars in the night sky shine as thick as a hailstorm. I could write about what I saw for months and in fact, I probably will. But what made this experience even more memorable was being able to share the ride (and the wine) with two brave, fun, and equally awestruck women. I guess a little tribute to them and their awesomeness is a good place as any to start. Meet Julie the Planner and Ola the Explorer.