Made in Italy, based in Hamburg since 2013.


I believe in changing things for the better by working with people and organisations that strive to have a positive impact on the world. I believe in being authentic and empowering others.


I grew up and studied in the beautiful Bologna. I have a BA in Development Studies with a focus of Development Economics and a thesis about the rights of Indigenous People, and a MA in International Economics and Finance and my thesis was about the economics of climate change.


I've always been passionate about communication and community-building, in one way or the other, and I have came to the conclusion that my career can be anything I want it to be. It took me years of poorly paid media jobs, unpaid internships, photographing 'for visibility', working with startups, NGOs, corporate nightmares and infinite instances of service jobs, to realise that as long as I know that my work is making the world a little better, and that I can find some joy in doing it, I don't need a fancy title or to hit any milestones.


Besides as a freelance photographer, I work as Event Manager and Producer, Digital Marketing and Communication Specialist, Translator, and Bartender.

If you want to work with me or learn more about what I do, email me at or follow me on Instagram.


All inquiries in English, German, Italian, and Spanish are welcome.

About Changestarters

 In 2017 I started going to what it used to be called The Changer Hangouts. The Changer, now tbd*, is a Berlin-based digital community with the goal of helping people finding career in the non-profit and social business sectors. There, I met the organiser Tina Röbel, who had just moved to Hamburg from Berlin and was interested in connecting with people with similar interests in Hamburg as well. 


I decided to join her in the organisation of these events in November 2017 and we soon realised that we wanted to focus more on local projects and on connecting people who wanted to do good in any form, not only professionally. That's how the Changestarters Hamburg community was born, and the team has been growing since then. Jennifer Wilke has joined us in 2018 and others earlier this year.


Changestarters is a network for all people, organisations, and initiatives that want to make the world a better place, starting from Hamburg. We are independent, politically unaligned with any party, and cross-sectorial. 

About Climate Hub Collective

In June 2018 I joined the Climate Reality Leadership Training in Berlin. Shortly after, I reconnected with some of other Hamburg-based leaders to brainstorm about what we could do against the climate crisis. We quickly realised that we are a very diverse group of people, but we all agreed that we needed to do something tangible against the climate crisis. And more importantly, we wanted to inspire and empower others to do the same.  We created Climate Hub Hamburg to organise monthly events and  inform people about causes and solutions to climate change.


Our vision world where human prosperity and nature preservation go hand in hand and where climate action is a social norm. Or mission is 
educate, engage and, empower.


We also produced and distributed a video series about the effects of forced relocation due to lignite mining in Western Germany. More on the topic in my project page. We have been interviewed by ZDF Sonntags and periodically present our projects and expertise during other events such as Social Media Week, Betabreakfast, Nerd Nite, Science Slam, and Climate Reality webinars. I am scheduled to present about climate justice at the SRM Talks in Munich in June and we will join Weciety World in September 2019. In 2020, we moved most of our activities online until proven safe to meet large groups in person once again. We organised multiple online events for our own community as well as in collaboration with Climate Reality Europe and Fridays for Future Germany. We have also started creating online content for our website: check out our blog here!